Francesc Marzal in the Mustang Art Gallery

Our co-worker, the decorator and interior designer Frances Marzal, has been recently selected by the Mustang Art Gallery to expose his latest works.


The said exposition has taken place at a encounter called "Confluencias" on the last 16 and 17 of October in Elche at the Mustang Art Gallery (MAG), and where prestigious artists, critics and gallery owners have taken part.


This project, organised by the AVVAC (Associació d'Artistes Visuals de València, Alacant i Castelló- Visual artists of Valencia, Alicante and Castellón Association-), the Art Department of the UMH (University Miguel Hernández) and the MAG, has intended to offer the plastic artists a space to show their artistic creations to different professionals of the world of art, in a participative and dialogue atmosphere.


The Mustang Art Gallery (MAG) is an exhibition room for the promotion and broadcasting of the youngest and most dynamic contemporary art, located on the Elche Industrial Park, an innovative initiative in an industrial surrounding which pretends to awaken the interest for art.